Financial services are important. Really important. We live in a world inhabited by people who spend too much for coffee and then wonder why they can’t pay rent. Ok, not everyone’s that bad, but they can benefit from having financial content that helps them manage their money—or, even better, drives them toward you to help them. The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency understand the important role that content plays in financial services, and we’re here to help create content that fosters trust between you and your customers.

Percentage of financial service companies that believe content is more effective in rebuilding trust

* 2015, The Financial Content Marketing Report


When it comes to raising awareness of your business and building customer loyalty, content marketing is an important asset. Financial services realizes the benefits for the industry and has shown an above-average growth on social networks. They have flocked toward connecting with their customers online in recent years, despite strict regulations from FINRA and SEC for content on these networks.

Why do financial agencies take this so seriously? The answer is simple: engaging, informative content addresses major concerns within the industry. Do you need to attract an audience? Personalize your content so that it speaks directly to the people you want to reach. Do you need a customer-first strategy that rebuilds their trust in financial services? That personalized content helps them realize you care about their financial needs and won’t lead them down the wrong path. Do you want people to remember you so that they will later use your services? If you’ve been giving them that content, they know you’re the place to turn to.


People who trust their bank

* 2014 NewsCred, The Trust Transaction

People who trust banks more with content

* 2014 NewsCred, The Trust Transaction


The customer is not always right, but they need you to be. Potential customers find it difficult to trust financial services nowadays, making content imperative for financial services. Content proves to the customer that you won’t toss them into a worse financial crisis than the average college student living off of ramen while they’re stressed out about their loans. (Although that group would probably appreciate some advice, too. Ramen gets old.)

Millennials, after seeing the effects of the recession, are even less trusting of financial services. They may be less knowledgeable than previous generations, but they know how to navigate the internet to get the information they need. Through content, you deliver it straight into their smartphone-clutching hands. This tech-savvy generation aren’t the only ones who gain financial advice through content, however. Even investors make financial decisions based on content marketing.

A wide range of customers benefit from financial content. Those who don’t understand finances want to learn. Those who know how to manage their money still want advice. The only people who don’t benefit from financial content are the agencies not producing it.


Content complements the financial industry like cheese complements a fine wine; they may be great separately, but the two together lead to a happier evening. Take your knowledge of finances. Now, couple it with content that is personalized for your audience, makes your business more interesting than a midday traffic jam, and captures your customers’ interest. The result? A well-informed audience that turns to you for your knowledge and assistance.

Affluent investors who use social media

* 2013 Cogent Research, Social Media's Impact on Personal Finance and Investing

Investors who reallocated investments or changed relationships with providers because of social media

* 2013 Cogent Research, Social Media's Impact on Personal Finance and Investing



If we’re all being honest here, listing out financial tips isn’t the most interesting reading material the internet offers. An effective content marketing strategy, however, takes those numbers and makes them read like Charles Dickens on a cozy winter evening. Maybe that’s a bit unrealistic, but we still aim to create financial content that people will want to read. Fill out this form and our content marketing agency team will get in contact to crunch numbers in style.

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All of you in financial services know your numbers. All of us at The Contentinators know our words and how to track them. Throw them together into a content marketing soup and let your customer take a sip. They’ll love it more than their grandmother’s chicken noodle soup.



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