Amazing Analytics.

The analytics team members at The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency are experts at measuring the results of digital campaigns. Each piece of content that is created and attached to one of our custom content hubs is utilizing tracking methods. You'll know each month how each piece of content was treated by your target demographic. Did they like it? Did they share it? Did it drive them to a contact form? Did they NOT like it? When working with The Contentinators®, you'll never be left in data darkness.

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Details, Details, Details.

They say that the devil is in the details, and we couldn't agree more. With so many businesses scratching their head trying to determine the ROI of a tweet or a blog post, The Contentinators® approaches analysis differently.

Our content marketing objectives are simple. Align brands as experts, set them up as thought leaders, and use their content footprint to drive traffic, sales, and sentiment. Yes, we still measure the bounce rates, the time on site, where the traffic came from, etc., but we're far more concerned that our content is meeting your objectives and improving your bottom line.


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The Bottom Line

If you're tired of being held captive by data darkness, call The Contentinators®. Every month, we'll illuminate you with brilliant data that helps to drive your ongoing content marketing efforts. Click the button below.