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We Convert Your Existing Blogs To Audio Content

So, you’ve already got all of this amazing blog content. Content that you’ve toiled over for years. It’s on the web, people find it on the Google machine, and you’ve got a really good thing going. But… wait, there’s more.

Today’s consumer consumes all kinds of different content. Written, video, graphical and audio. The consumption of audio content is growing at a ridiculous rate and it’s time for your brand to jump on the podcasting / audio bandwagon to reach a whole new hungry audience.

Our Audio Studios In Orlando, Florida

Our Audio Studios In Orlando, Florida

But. If you don’t quite have the face for radio, OR the time to create the audio content, edit it, produce it, mix it and publish it, we need to talk. The Contentinators can take your existing blog content and BAM, turn it into an amazing audio experience for your clients and prospective clients.

Here’s how it works. We chat. You sign an amazing deal with us, we get to work building your audio content. We’ll have you pick your favorite blogs that you’ve written and we’ll turn them into a well produced audio experience. That audio content then gets uploaded to a platform like Soundcloud and allows you to share the audio content on your social channels and even embed the audio content into your website.

You’ll reach a whole new audience, increase the website visitor stays on your website and not have to raise a finger or move a vocal chord. We may need your fingers to punch in your credit card info, but other than that, relax and let us do our thing. Give us a call today at 407-830-4550 or fill out the nifty form below.

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