Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Content Marketing Advice from Google Exec

On Monday, Seth Barron, head of creative business partnerships at Google/YouTube ZOO (my bro), provided some guidelines for content marketing to ensure that your efforts will stand out among the rest of the digital distractions like Engage’s posterior, am I right folks? Of course, as Captain Content, I understand how to make content stand out more than a Kardashian at a dollar store, but that doesn’t mean this information can’t help all of you. So, let’s review some of Sethy-Seth’s best practices for content marketing, and good ole’ Cap will provide some insight on what’s being used by a brand successfully today. Be Your Own R.L. Stine

That is to say, find the story within your brand, and tell it like a boss (Goosebumps are my fave). “Stories drive emotional connections,” Barron said. “Ads are just well-told stories that drive action. It’s a beautiful piece of content with a great media plan around it.” Don’t be afraid to tell the story of your brand, your consumers, or your products. Make a grand gesture as to why your brand is going to change the world. Metaphorically stand outside of your crush’s window with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel.

Real World Example

I’m taking it back to the old school because I’m an old fool who’s too cool for this one. Apple. 1984. Two words, and you get it, right? Steve Jobs created this conceptual commercial airing at a time that guarantees the largest audience. An Orwellian-nod to a future of conformity and oligarchy is shattered by a lone innovator going against the monolithic grain. It was moving. It was inspiring. It was different. The best part: they did not show one computer during the entire commercial. No need to. Stands on its own---don’t you think?

Put Users First

Listen, I learned the hard way that my selfish needs shouldn’t be placed above the needs of the very person in which affection I desire (sorry about that, Engage). Make your users your brand story’s protagonist--your very own Atticus Finch, if you will. Tell such a moving, relatable story that your users will be picturing themselves in the place of the protagonist at the center of your story. Don’t make your story larger than your product, though. You will want to deliver on the level of quality in which you portray. In other words, don’t tell a story like War and Peace when you’re selling a Flowbee.

Real World Example

Gatorade is not just something that you drink the morning after a heavy night of drinking. Its brand positioning is aimed at athletes from weekend warriors to NFL players. They market their product to all athletes, but also provide resources to it primary users through Beat the Heat Safety Kit PDFs, an interactive science lab, and visually stunning commercials with incredible art direction.

Fall in Love

I’m not talking about the type of love between The Bachelor and his 20 rose recipients (Yes, I watch The Bachelor, doesn’t everybody?). I’m talking about a love affair between the user and the brand that brings out feelings of loyalty and emotions. Show that you love your consumers and your consumers love you.

Real World Example

Subaru is a tried and true example of their content showing the love to their consumers, which makes their consumers love them back. The Dear Subaru section on their website displays a collection of stories, photos and videos that were submitted by real owners. Those stories are separated into the primary consumer categories for which they tend to choose Subaru over other vehicles: adventure, pets, safety, community, love, longevity, versatility, and performance. They reinforce that brand story with compelling and heart-string pulling advertisements.

I’m not crying--that’s just additional eye liquid that allows my eyes to be more lubricated, allowing my X-ray vision to work harder.

When it comes to content marketing, tell your story. “Embrace the fact that content is liquid and stop planning it by platform but by user,” Barron said. “It doesn’t matter what screen the content is on, the more you think about your strategy as who is this user and how can I put them first the more successful you will be.” “Love your users. If you do, you will help them. You won’t get in their way.” If you need help with your content marketing, contact The Contentinators® by calling 866-471-4748.

-Captain Content

A Tale Of Two Content Marketers.


Meet Mark. Mark has been employed as a content marketer for the GIZMO corporation for 6 months. Mark loves his family, his dog Rufus, Samuel Adam Octoberfest beer, music and writing.

Meet Sally. Sally recently graduated with a degree in digital marketing and works for the WIDGET corporation. She loves her cat fluffy, she loves the beach and she loves to delegate.

Mark's mission at the GIZMO corporation is simple. Drive targeted traffic to all of the digital GIZMO entities and help improve the online sales bottom line. Sally's mission is the same. She's tasked with improving traffic and making certain that WIDGET grows its online presence.

Last week was a big week for both companies and for both Mark & Sally. Their bosses both wanted some detailed analysis on their online sales and wanted to see some sample content ideas and a concise ongoing plan to reach a new market segment. Mark killed it. His sales were up. His content was getting shared, his social media strategy was crushing it. New followers, more engagement, more shares. Mark got a raise, a pat on the back and a 12 pack of Octoberfest. Sally, on the other hand got the riot act read to her. Sally's numbers sucked. They were down. Social media metrics were flat, content was not getting shared, SEO rankings were dropping. Sally was put on notice. She went home to seek consolation from Fluffy. Mark kicked a few back, listened to some tunes and sat down to create some more amazing blog content.

Both companies offer a very similar product. Both companies have a very similar demographic, so what happened? How did Mark manage to kill it, why is Sally floundering? Both of our marketers are very talented, both are driven, but one is doing something way different than the other. Can you guess what it is?

Can you?



Here it is. Mark is all about quality and planning. He thought it all out. He took the time to diagram out who GIZMO's target consumer is, he took the time to analyze quarterly sales for GIZMO and then created a content plan that complemented that sales cycle. He then, realized that he can't himself be a steady stream of content creation, partnered with a content creation / blogging company that listens, learns and creates engaging, shareable content. Mark found the best partners in the industry and they make him look good on a daily basis.

Sally didn't plan. She has a gut feeling about who reads content. She has a gut feeling about where to share content and she is more focused on cranking out a ton of articles at random intervals and seeing what sticks rather than following a solid content calendar / plan. Like Mark, Sally subs her blog and content creation out. She, wanting to look like a budgeting rock-star, subbed her content creation overseas. She gets 350 words of content for under 10 bucks from her vendor.

What's working? Mark's quality content is driving traffic. It's getting shared. It's getting talked about. It's educating and entertaining GIZMO's target consumers. Sally's, not so much. Not only is her content thin, it's drab, boring, not exciting, not vibrant. Sally is simply going through the motions and not creating the good stuff that the WIDGET company and its customers want and deserve. Sally isn't creating anything worth talking about.

So here's a big Good Job Buddy to Mark and here's a bit of a warning for Sally: Creating cheap, shoddy content can have the adverse affect on your marketing plan. Go home, give Fluffy a hug and get serious about creating amazing. Amazing, unique, rich content in many varieties can and will move the needle for the WIDGET corporation.

How to be more like Mark:

- Be A Planner. Map out your content based on what your consumers buy and when.

- Know Your Audience. Who are they? What do they like? What do they read? Where do they hang out? What do they want?

- CREATE Quality. NEVER settle when it comes to content and quality. If you want your business to kill it online, create amazing.

- Find A High Quality Partner. Call a professional, USA based Content Marketing company like The Contentinators® to partner with you and help you to create an amazing Content marketing program. Seek a partner, NOT a vendor.