Fill Those Stadium Seats with Content Marketing

As entertainment options become more numerous and fractured, filling the seats in your stadium becomes a more and more difficult proposition. Not only that, but with phenomenal improvements to the home-viewing experience (ultra-high definition televisions, real-time statistics on your phone, etc.), some fans are opting to watch the game from the comfort of their own home. So, in order to get a full house, sports franchises of all types are getting creative, and one of the techniques on the forefront is the use of content marketing.

Fans need engagement, and they need to feel as if they are part of a movement. Your marketing should push the idea they are missing not only a game, but an event. Social media is a fantastic way to push this point: by generating excitement online and connecting with fans on an individual level, you are building excitement. Not only that, but the enthusiasm online manifests itself in attendance, and it’s something that can be cultivated 24/7.

But the marketing approach to sporting events can go beyond simple fan interaction: by using an array of videos, stadium walk-through tours, and virtual game-day experiences, you can create content that will show off the magic that is a live sporting event and present that online. It’s an experience that should be targeted beyond just the game itself; create content that shows tailgates, parties, and views from luxury suites. Show the assortment of food, the pyrotechnics, and the goofy mascots. The content should highlight the differences between staying at home and being in the action at the stadium.
Social media builds a community of fans. And with this in mind, feel free to make your content marketing active and vibrant: light-hearted (but sharp, and self-aware) online competitions with rival team’s media departments are a great way to generate buzz. If you can, incorporate your team’s players and established online personas. And if you have ticket deals and sales, even close to game time, highlight them in every format: tweets, emails, and more traditional advertising.

Push at every angle.

In short and overall: be everywhere. Content marketing has a long list of applications, and you want your content team to be active before, during, and after the game. Beyond outreach, you also have the ability to take receive feedback. Things learned from the attendance of previous games (Was the parking easy? Do the hot dogs have flavor? Are you serving the beer your fans want?) can all be culled through online interaction, and all can be put in use on a future game. Content marketing thrives on momentum, and when applied properly, you’ll see that same energy roll through you stadium’s gates for every kickoff.

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