Struggling to Get the Attention Your Blog Deserves? See Why…



Struggling to Get the Attention Your Blog Deserves? See Why… You devote a ton of time every week writing your blog. You post it, sit back and anxiously await the traffic. Sadly, and often, the results are less than stellar. Why the fail? The answer actually lies deep within you. Think about your own blog-reading habits. What brought you to me at Captain Content’s blog?

When you read a blog and are compelled to visit it again and again what is it about this writer that keeps you coming back? Odds are it feels like the blogger is writing specifically for you. You’re being engaged. Your preferences and interests are being addressed and you feel that your opinion matters. The blogger isn’t writing about their business goals or what they will get out of your visit. This is the first step to increasing traffic to your blog. Identify who your true blue fan is and write specifically for him/her. Unlike my enemy Thanos who selfishly twisted Death’s words to become a despotic and cruel leader, an excellent blogger is not selfish. Captain Content is never selfish!

Would you keep visiting a blog where the theme is always the same? No. Why? Because repetition is B-O-R-I-N-G. Period. You visit this blog often because your takeaway is always something that is personally useful. So, when you throw on your blogging hat, you must continually seek out new information and present it in fun and evocative ways. Your blog should have a concise purpose to keep your readers engrossed and motivated.

Does your favorite blog ever feature a guest blogger? This strategy is brilliant in its simplicity. Guest blogging brings back an authoritative edge to the content. It makes your blog more shareable and trustworthy. Sleuth, The Curator and a few of my other Superhero staff frequently guest blog about their expertise. It creates quite a buzz and provides very credible content!

To paraphrase Captain Jean Luc Picard from TNG:

“Engage” them, my friends and write on! Captain Content

6 Blogging Tips For Your Content Marketing Campaign

Q. Why do so many blogs fail?A. Because they didn't have a plan.

Blogging is an integral part of your content marketing campaign, so it's imperative that you have a solid plan and a solid road-map to share your insight and brilliance.

Here are 6 Blogging Tips To Point You In The Right Direction.

1.) Frequency.

Try to blog up to 3 times a week.  It can be a challenge, but the more you keep blogging, the more Google will keep coming back to seek out your words of wisdom.

2.) Create An Editorial Calendar.

One way to get the juices flowing for your blog is to create a calendar of content that you can write about. Example: if the 1st Quarter of the year in your business tends to be more service oriented, write about ways to maintain your products, or useful tips, etc..

3.) Create A Series.

Creating a series of blogs accomplishes a few things. A.) You can create them all at once and space them out for your audience to read, B.) You hopefully can entice your audience to keep coming back for more.

4.) Allow Comments, But Moderate Them.

If folks want to comment on your masterpiece, let them, but obviously screen them.  We can show you, but comments can help feed search engines as well.

5.) Schedule Your Blogs.

WordPress allows you to schedule when a blog is published.  This tool is very useful, especially if you tend to write many blogs in one sitting.

6.) Have Fun & Be Yourself.

Be real and have a personality when you blog.  If your information is dry and boring, you aren’t feeding your audience.  It’s ok and encouraged to have a personality.

Need more content marketing tips? Call one of my superhero content writers today to discuss how one of our content subscription plans can help your blogging create buzz. Nationwide: 866-471-4748.