Blogging To Win : A Business Blogging Strategy.


Greetings Digital Citizens. I've spoken to hundreds of marketing managers and business owners over the years. We've laughed, we've cried, we've solved the problems of the digital universe together, most of them anyway. One of the most common questions I hear from folks wanting to grow their digital presence is "WHY Blogging?" "How is blogging going to get me more business?" A very valid question indeed and here's the not-so-quick answer to those questions.

Trust. 81% of U.S. consumers shopping online trust info and expert advice from blogs. (Source: NM Incite)

As business owners and superheros in spandex, we need consumers to trust us. Once we've established that trust by feeding them with rich and educational information via a blog, we have a connection. We have established brand trust.

Acquisition. 92% of companies who are blogging multiple times a week have acquired a customer from their efforts. (Source: HubSpot.)

Here's the simple answer as to why blogging works. Activity creates activity. If your website is simply sitting stagnant waiting for something happen, NOTHING will happen. Blogging is a great opportunity to create activity and to keep flowing with what customers are actively searching for.

Traffic. Sweet, Sweet Traffic. - Once you've generated between 21-54 blogs, your blog traffic rises up to 30%. (Source: TrafficGenerationCafe.) - On Average, companies that blog get 434% MORE indexed pages in the search engine results pages. (Source: HubSpot.)

These stats should blow your mind. In the digital marketing world, it's all about eyeballs on digital pages. The more traffic that your website can generate, the more likely you are to generate sales / leads / inquiries, etc.. Blogging creates that activity that can drive quality, pre-qualified consumers to your website, social media channels, etc..

Quality Content Is Key. One of the main reasons that The Contentinators® exist is to squash evil blog content. You read it right. Evil blog content. It's a thing. After being in the SEO business for over 15 years, I got fed-up with trashy blog content being used to game the search engines to inflate rankings. Gaming the search engine system with non-digestable digital blog nonsense is NOT the way to grow a business and an online presence.

Multiple Species. While words are a huge part of what drives search engine results for your business, visual good stuff can also really help to move the needle. When you blog, be certain to create content in multiple species. |

Infographics help tell an amazing story and are very easily shared around the web.

Videos can get circulated rapidly and help to put a face / personality to your business.

What We Do For Businesses. We create quality, EPIC blog content. Blog content that gets shared, liked, written about and commented on. Our blogs help move needles, increase sales, increase visibility and helps to put a personality on your brand. When it's time to boost the presence of your digital marketing, it's time to call one of my content specialists. We can create a monthly content creation solution to move your needle.

Write On, @CaptContent.

5 Elements to Build the Perfect Blogging Battleship



5 Elements to Build the Perfect Blogging Battleship In a world filled with words, it’s hard to come up with a fresh idea that will prevent your content from being lost at sea. Written content is the baseboard that supports your website’s reputation and visibility. Content is not only useful for search, but is essential for marketing, branding, establishing trust, and building relationships. While the Internet is flooded with mediocre and nonsensical content, there are those who strive for content excellence and only produce Pulitzer-worthy blogs--yes, you should always aim high with your company’s written content, even its weekly blogs. But how do you make your content stand out and become the Man O’ War Battleship in the endless ocean of Internet content? Here are some tips to help you create a victorious blog post that will sink the competition:

  1. Start with brainstorming a topic that someone would actually find interesting. Whether you’re an AC company or a financial adviser, every industry and topic is interesting--you just have to find the topics and frame them in a way that’s intriguing and easy to understand. When I write, I look for things that interest me, if I’m bored or confused when writing something, than others will load their battleship’s cannons and sink my blog to the Internet’s depths before the second paragraph. By taking the time to really think through a topic instead of writing just to write, you’ll connect with your audience, displaying to them that you’re the credible industry leader, and they’ll keep coming back for information and insights.
  2. Create engaging copy. Create a great headline and title that will catch your audience’s attention as they sail through the search pages. Once you’ve grabbed their attention with the heading, keep it with an amazing opening paragraph. If your audience makes it through the first 2 or 3 sentences, they’re more likely to finish the entire article. Also, users prefer to see bullets, tables, quotes, and appropriate page segmentation--it’s easier to read and less strenuous on the eye. You should also never be afraid or shy when using your brand's voice when writing. Take a stance against criticism and wear your personality proudly, this voice is what sells and humanized your blog, and if your post is a bit controversial, it’s okay, controversial posts tend to get more attention anyways--just don’t overdo it, all content should be within good taste, controversial content should not be created for the sole purpose of pissing someone off.
  3. Always use imagery. Internet users are browsers--pun intended! That means that they’re skimming to find the information they desire. A great visual will attract more attention and, when used correctly, will aid in telling your story of dispensing your message. Also, don’t be afraid to use more than one visual, or if it’s appropriate, make a visual as the central component of your blog. An infographic is a great blog post and for all the search enthusiasts out there, it can be optimized.
  4. Incorporate a reasonable call-to-action. If they’re on your website looking at a blog, don’t tell them to visit your website--they’re already there. Instead, prompt your users to start a conversation on social media or to search additional information within your blogs. Link the appropriate information but don’t go overboard, only link other articles that are relevant and enhance your current content.
  5. Be loud and proud of your content. It’s great that you’re asking others to share your post on social media, but you should hoist your content colors too! Post your content on your own social media channels. It’ll increase its viewership and allow you to create a conversation with your loyal followers.

Remember, your content is not a drop in the ocean, it should be the entire ocean in a drop--thank you Rumi! When it comes to blogs and content creation, there are NO rules! Your content and how it’s presented should be a direct reflection of your brand and its image. Why not present an infographic filled with images and information about your recent company picnic? Your blog content is meant for your audience, not to appease Google, forget the keywords and create information and experiences for your viewers.

How would you connect with your viewers through your blog content? Get as creative as you want and aim your blogging battleship’s cannons at whatever rules or blog ideals that have been holding you back. Sail into the future as an innovator and risk taker. This is The Curator, signing out!

6 Blogging Tips For Your Content Marketing Campaign

Q. Why do so many blogs fail?A. Because they didn't have a plan.

Blogging is an integral part of your content marketing campaign, so it's imperative that you have a solid plan and a solid road-map to share your insight and brilliance.

Here are 6 Blogging Tips To Point You In The Right Direction.

1.) Frequency.

Try to blog up to 3 times a week.  It can be a challenge, but the more you keep blogging, the more Google will keep coming back to seek out your words of wisdom.

2.) Create An Editorial Calendar.

One way to get the juices flowing for your blog is to create a calendar of content that you can write about. Example: if the 1st Quarter of the year in your business tends to be more service oriented, write about ways to maintain your products, or useful tips, etc..

3.) Create A Series.

Creating a series of blogs accomplishes a few things. A.) You can create them all at once and space them out for your audience to read, B.) You hopefully can entice your audience to keep coming back for more.

4.) Allow Comments, But Moderate Them.

If folks want to comment on your masterpiece, let them, but obviously screen them.  We can show you, but comments can help feed search engines as well.

5.) Schedule Your Blogs.

WordPress allows you to schedule when a blog is published.  This tool is very useful, especially if you tend to write many blogs in one sitting.

6.) Have Fun & Be Yourself.

Be real and have a personality when you blog.  If your information is dry and boring, you aren’t feeding your audience.  It’s ok and encouraged to have a personality.

Need more content marketing tips? Call one of my superhero content writers today to discuss how one of our content subscription plans can help your blogging create buzz. Nationwide: 866-471-4748.