The Constant Battle Of Good VS. EVIL SEO.

Don’t Let Ultron Touch Your SEO



It’s funny how something created for good can come back and bite you.  Hank Pym and the Avengers have been fighting Ultron for years now (what version are we on?  Ultron-18?), even though he started as Pym’s attempt to create highly intelligent robotics.  Pym called me up and asked for my help as a consultant to research new weapons that pierce through adamantium, but it’s still been a tough battle to fight.

While trying to find ways to solve the problem, I realized just how much the Avengers/Ultron struggle parallels that of The Contentinators/SinSEO.

Believe it or not, the Black Hat Boss started out as a good guy.  In the late 90s, you could find him happily stuffing keywords into every empty space on a website--back when it was an effective way to improve Google rankings.  But as the internet marketing world expanded, Google began introducing updates that frowned upon SinSEO’s tactics, turning toward highly targeted, well-written content as the new ruler of rankings.  Instead of adapting, SinSEO became embittered and fled to Deceptor Marketing.  And here we are today.

I’ve seen countless individuals fall victim to SinSEO’s empty promises because they’ve noticed his quick results.  Eager to take that top spot in the search engines, they allow him to get his greasy fingers all over their websites--stuffing keywords in every crack and crevice, farming links, duplicating content and hiding search-friendly text on every page.  Sure, he’s gotten a number of people to the top this way, giving them their fifteen minutes of fame, but that’s where it stops.  The instant Google’s bots discover his dastardly deeds, they penalize or ban these sites, leaving their owners in a virtual black hole.

If Ultron were SinSEO, I would be able to tell the Avengers exactly how to defeat him: through the use of organic SEO.  Google’s Matt Cutts said it best when he advised, “Don’t think about link building – that limits you to a certain mindset. Think about compelling content and marketing. As soon as you think, ‘My job is to build links for search engines,’ you’re really cutting off a lot of avenues.”  Focus on assisting your customers through original content, and the rankings game won’t be so difficult to play.

When you create content for your site, ensure the following:

- Your content establishes you as an expert in your industry. - You’re not simply regurgitating a colleague’s or competitor’s message. - Your content is specifically geared toward your company’s audience. - Your keywords are worked in naturally. - Your content is created for your customers, not for the Google Bots.

Pym should have known that designing a supremely intelligent robot like Ultron could bring along devastating consequences.  Don’t follow his example.  Stop the battle before it starts by avoiding the beastly bots of black hat SEO.

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Write On, Captain Content @CaptContent

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Scary Content.



Being a spandex clad, cape wearing Superhero, I get to fly all over this great country.  My recent content crusading trips have taken my flight path over several pumpkin patches which has got my mind wrapped around all things scary and spooky. Scary Content.

Citizens, SCARY Content is taking over the digital planet and doing some severe damage to the integrity of the written word. The more I scour the digital planet, the more I keep finding SCARY content being spewed out in epic proportions in blogs, in social media and on web pages all over the Internet.  THIS MUST STOP.

Businesses are scrambling to feed a content driven digital world and in doing so, some are hiring shady characters to compose content.  Bargain basement copywriters from all over the planet are churning and burning out evil, sinister, wicked content which is subsequently destroying the integrity of the digital universe and damaging online reputations of businesses and brands alike. This content contains grammatical errors, context issues, spelling issues, and oftentimes, is generated for SEO purposes and is written for robots and NOT humans.

What can you do to help prevent the influx of scary, evil, sinister content? GET INVOLVED.

- Strive to create amazing, rich, relevant content. Your readers are craving information.  Not just a bunch of mumbled, jumbled words, they want rich, shareable content.  Make it your mission to feed your audience with amazing, rich content, ALWAYS.

- Evangelize. Help spread the good word about creating amazing content.  Encourage your marketing department or digital agency to ALWAYS strive for content excellence with an emphasis on putting your readers first. Cutting corners and costs on content development can damage the integrity of your brand.

- Purpose Driven. Create your content with purpose.  Understand that your consumers are seeking leaders, they want experts, they want your expert insight and wisdom.  Be there for them by producing content that feeds and nurtures them.

- Join The League. If you love to write and believe passionately in the integrity of the English language, join my league of Superhero content writers today. You'll take a sacred Superhero oath to fight evil, scary content by creating amazing content. Fill out our superhero copywriter application today.

- Teamwork. Together, we can fight this epic battle over nonsensical, scary content. Together, we can take back control of the digital planet and feed hungry information seekers with rich, relevant, shareable content.

If your business or digital agency is craving amazing content, please call one of my Superhero league digital copywriters today.  866-471-4748.