How Content Marketing Influences Donors

It’s that time of year again! The Holidays bring on a spirit of joy, love, and most importantly for nonprofits, the want to give to others. The trick is how to capitalize on the giving season in a tactful way. Content marketing gives nonprofits the ability to tell their story and give others a reason to care about what they stand for. In February of 2016, a survey was conducted by the nonprofit software companies Abila and Finn Partners to determine what enticed donors to give to a particular cause. Seventy-two percent said poor content would deter them from wanting to give to a particular cause. What does this mean for you? This means you must feed the donors with the information they want or suffer missing out on a large portion of donations.

Emails are still one of the main ways nonprofits send out their content to reach donors. But what type of content should be within the emails? Try to incorporate a mixture of content, from short video clips, photos, and two to three paragraph articles for donors to review. Before creating the content, create a donor profile where you outline what a typical donor looks like for your organization and what type of content would be of interest to them. When content is too vague or isn’t seen as valuable to a donor, that may push them to send their pocket change to another organization. Also, make emails frequent, but not annoying. Try sticking to once per week.

Social media content is growing for nonprofits with over 92% taking to social media to gain more awareness and followers. There are tons of opportunity for different types of content on social media. You can use videos from events, photos of individuals being helped by your organization, and tell the stories of those who have benefitted from your service. Also, mention the donors who have contributed to your nonprofit to acknowledge their generous donation and encourage others to want to be featured as well.

Create a content hub on your website where blogs can be readily available for your donors to read. Find information that not only touches your donors, but those who would be seeking your help. Donors want to see who they are helping and know how they helped them, so use your blog as an opportunity to share stories! Try to keep the stories short and sweet for a more impactful reader experience. Also, you can share the troubling stats and the reasoning that proves your nonprofit is necessary to help others.

By creating a meaningful donor-centric content marketing strategy, your nonprofit will have a winning strategy to capture more funds to help others! Treat your donors like friends who you want to share stories with, and they will want to continue donating to your cause. Take advantage of the giving season with amazing content. For help with creating donor-centric content that entices people to donate to your cause, visit our website or give us a call at 866-471-4748.


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Tell Your Nonprofit Story Through Content Marketing

Believe it or not, 2017 is lingering on the horizon, but the giving season has already arrived. As a nonprofit, you know that finishing 2016 strong is paramount to set up your organization for success in the new year. A strategic content marketing plan will help your story reach the eyes of potential donors. The Contentinators®, an expert content marketing agency, have a few tips to help your nonprofit prepare your content marketing process for the coming months and 2017.

Realize Your Story

If your content can tell a remarkable story, it can cut through the clutter. When it comes to telling a story, nonprofits generally have an advantage over other businesses. Many nonprofits have unique, engaging stories that can touch the hearts, and hopefully the wallets, of the public. In order to create a content marketing strategy for the giving season and beyond, your nonprofit has to determine what that story is. Does your organization provide resources or mentorship to youth? Maybe your story highlights the impact of your program on individual participants. Does your nonprofit work to save animals? Maybe your story is about the number of animals you have rescued in just one year. Figure out what makes your nonprofit extraordinary and tell that story.

Develop an Actual Strategy

Once you’ve figured out the meat and potatoes of your content marketing strategy, that is, the actual story you are going to tell, it is just as important to create the rest of the strategy, and make sure your whole team is on the same page. Think about who is going to create the content, how much content will be created, where content will be distributed, and how content will be evaluated. Getting your content marketing strategy down on paper will allow you to reference it throughout 2017.

Amplify Your Story Through Multiple Channels

According to the Content Marketing Institute, average nonprofit professionals are distributing their content on 11 different channels. When competing for donations, especially on occasions like Giving Tuesday, your nonprofit’s lack of visibility on the important platforms could cost you. Depending on your organization's target audience, determine which platforms might work best, and amplify your story by taking advantage of each channel. As of now, most nonprofits are using content on social media, in eNewsletters, at in-person events, and on their website.

Report and Analyze

The Content Marketing Institute has found that the number one challenge that nonprofit content marketers face is measuring content effectiveness. It is essential that your nonprofit determines the best way to evaluate the success of content. Evaluating content depends fully on your organization’s goals. If your goal is awareness, metrics like impressions, reach, and mentions will be important. On the other hand, if donations are your goal, conversion rates and actual actions will be relevant. No matter what your goal is, determine which metrics you are going to use to evaluate and analyze your content’s effectiveness.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, measuring content effectiveness, producing engaging content, producing content consistently, and measuring ROI of content marketing are four of most prevalent challenges nonprofit marketers face. The Contentinators are experts at each of these aspects. When you work with The Contentinators, you receive strategy-driven, SEO-friendly content that readers are actually interested in every month. Dominate the giving season and start 2017 off strong by establishing a partnership with The Contentinators®.

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