Utilizing Content Marketing to Vamp Up Your Human Resources Department

As content marketers, we tend to focus more on capturing the lead or potential client but forget about a crucial audience: prospective employees. In human resources, capturing a new employee is equivalent to capturing a lead. We all know from being incessantly pestered by recruiters that the push method for human resources isn’t the best. Content marketing presents an opportunity for business cultures to shine and to pull potential employees to you. The point, after all, is to use content marketing for client growth, so why not use it for internal growth so you aren’t struggling to fill those shoes once a new client is signed? Here we share a few tips for successfully pulling potential recruits to your open positions!

Work with Current Employees & Be Creative

What’s going to entice a potential employee more: an obscure job description with a list of requirements or a blog about a day in the life of someone already in the position? Work with current employees to flesh out interesting and relevant content for future employees. Create content that contains interesting pieces such as employee interviews, day-in-the-life pieces, or a video showing some fun aspects of the position that they will get to partake in.

In addition to having employees involved in the creation of content, make sure a wide array of content is available. Perhaps incorporate an infographic highlighting the top reasons to work for your company, a video interview with an employee, or an engaging quiz to see which position would work best with that person’s skill set.

Showcase Company Culture on Social Media

Social media is a great place to showcase your unique company culture for potential employees. Share videos, photos, and events your company is attending. Hootsuite does an amazing job at this and even created a company-wide hashtag called #HootsuiteLife. They go a step further by setting up their employees as digital influencers in their respective areas of expertise, increasing the number of people who would want to work for such influential people and an influential company.

Distribute Your Content on the Appropriate Channels

In addition to creating content that draws recruits your way, make sure you distribute that content correctly. Ask yourself: “is my social media starting to look like a Monster job page?” If the answer is yes, consider re-evaluating your strategy. Consider using different platforms for different content. Share job postings on industry or job specific LinkedIn groups to target specific individuals with certain skills and interest. For the rest of your social media, write content that will appeal to the individuals you would like to hire. For example, Lyft wanted to spread the word about a Driver Appreciation Day initiative where they were matching tips for drivers up to $20! That would incentivise anyone to want to work for them over their competitors. They also created a specific page on their website to share content with potential employees, so don’t limit your content distribution to only social media.

If your human resources department needs some help updating to the digital age, try utilizing content marketing. This not only draws potential employees to you but keeps employees engaged with the company culture!

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