5 Ways to Market Your Office of Tourism on Social Media

Social media is allowing everyone, from the largest corporation to the everyday citizen, to present an online version of themselves. And your office of tourism should certainly not be missing out on this opportunity to use content marketing to your advantage and to reach out to the world with the vision of your tourism sector. But to be successful in marketing your tourism office and its ideas to the masses, it’s important to understand the terrain.

So, below are five things to remember to get your brand successfully out on the social media highway. This is not the end all and be all, of course, but with these five concepts in place, you’ll be well on your way to progressive content marketing.


There is nothing less likely to gain traction and inspire than a common and boring social media campaign. So many agencies, offices, and companies are looking to make their mark, which means that a unique approach is needed. And not only that, but those on social platforms have become so inured to online content, being able to stand out above the pack requires some creativity. Figure out something your community has as a beacon, and build around it online.

Don’t Overdo It

Frequency of posting is a very tricky thing. Being consistently present is critical, but being constantly there is a problem. One of the more common reasons a person may stop following your office’s feed is if they start feeling like it’s the only thing they ever see. Show a little restraint, and try to be circumspect about what is going into your posts.

Don’t be Afraid to be Weird

O.K., be a little afraid. Let’s not try to recreate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in a straightforward marketing operation, unless, maybe, your tourism office is in Las Vegas. But, in an age of irony and non sequitur humor, being a bit odd isn’t a bad thing. And let’s face it, some of the information you may be posting regarding your office might be a bit, well, informational (a nice way to say boring). Spice it up.

Know the Tone

Your office should be on every popular platform it can possibly be, but it’s key to understand the difference in tone each site utilizes and how to use it to your advantage. It’s also important to understand the limitations of each platform, and this is something that takes time, but all good things usually do.

Know Your Audience

As an office of tourism, your goals are to present a location in its best possible light, as well as inform those who may be coming to your city. Also, you want to entice those who may be considering a trip. Highlight local deals, provide insider tips to places off the beaten path, and give people an idea about the local seasons. In short, be an authentic authority of all things local and tourist.

As stated above, effective content marketing takes time. It is NOT an overnight operation. You have to build your office of tourism as an online brand, and once established, you will be able to feel out the more specific benefits being a well-known social media resource entails. And there are many. Need help? Call The Contentinators® at 866-471-4748.

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Tapping into the Power of LinkedIn to Grow Your Alumni Base

A university’s alumni base is one the greatest resources a school can tap into, and keeping up-to-date with that base is both a challenge and an asset in itself. As generations connected to all forms of social media continue to graduate, it will be essential to have a proper plan in place to stay in touch with these young technocrats. One way to do that effectively is through the power of content marketing, and particularly, LinkedIn. Alumni bases are networks, and tapping into them can help a university with everything from fundraising to future connections of your current crop of students.

One of the things that is challenging about keeping in contact with your alumni base online is the variety of social networks that graduates can spread out to. For that reason, using a social media platform with a solid and growing subscriber base can be crucial. LinkedIn’s University pages, a service that began in 2013, has access to 25,000 different universities worldwide and 300 million users. Odds are, a good chunk of your alumni base is found in those enormous numbers. University Pages offers your institution the ability to customize a homepage in order to put your institution’s priorities and principals forward facing in the digital world.

But education-based content marketing requires a unique and distinctive approach. Put simply, your alumni base is inured to so much online content that standing out from the pack is vital. Having a platform with engaging content and the ability to present your brand to a targeted base allow for highly specific approaches. However, why is it important for your alumni to stay in touch with your institution?How is your university hoping to stay relevant with alumni in a post-graduation world? What connections can you help facilitate? These are the questions an alumni base will have in mind, and your answers can be crafted and evolved on an assortment of social platforms.

Your online alumni groups allow for interaction and expansion of what is an inherently limited field of potential followers. In a sense, it’s of even more importance to have high-quality content when appealing to alumni: they not only have expectations of the university, but they are a reflection of the university itself. How your alumni base expresses itself online can be a direct reflection of how your university will be viewed by prospective students. To view them as collaborators is entirely fair. Your content should be shaped and guided by them, but also have the ability to lead them in new directions.

Content marketing, especially education-based, is best used when it is an ongoing interaction. Your university should be taking in information at similar rates as you are putting information out. A running dialogue enables the greatest opportunities for both sides, and by tapping into powerful platforms such as LinkedIn and their University Pages, you’ve enabled a whole new field of alumni to find and rediscover their school. Just getting onto the scene is crucial, but knowing your way around it is revelatory.

Using LinkedIn’s University Pages with energetic and vibrant content expands an alumni base by engaging them on a variety of levels. Alumni see LinkedIn as a resource for advancing professional careers, and by adding a dedicated page devoted to their school, and its connections, only helps. This symbiotic relationship can be enhanced on your LinkedIn University Page with available content services such as decision boards, field study explorers and university outcome rankings. Nimble and multifaceted in online response and interaction, no institution should let the opportunity pass to expand their alumni base with this emerging platform combined with insightfully marketed content.

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Fill Those Stadium Seats with Content Marketing

As entertainment options become more numerous and fractured, filling the seats in your stadium becomes a more and more difficult proposition. Not only that, but with phenomenal improvements to the home-viewing experience (ultra-high definition televisions, real-time statistics on your phone, etc.), some fans are opting to watch the game from the comfort of their own home. So, in order to get a full house, sports franchises of all types are getting creative, and one of the techniques on the forefront is the use of content marketing.

Fans need engagement, and they need to feel as if they are part of a movement. Your marketing should push the idea they are missing not only a game, but an event. Social media is a fantastic way to push this point: by generating excitement online and connecting with fans on an individual level, you are building excitement. Not only that, but the enthusiasm online manifests itself in attendance, and it’s something that can be cultivated 24/7.

But the marketing approach to sporting events can go beyond simple fan interaction: by using an array of videos, stadium walk-through tours, and virtual game-day experiences, you can create content that will show off the magic that is a live sporting event and present that online. It’s an experience that should be targeted beyond just the game itself; create content that shows tailgates, parties, and views from luxury suites. Show the assortment of food, the pyrotechnics, and the goofy mascots. The content should highlight the differences between staying at home and being in the action at the stadium.
Social media builds a community of fans. And with this in mind, feel free to make your content marketing active and vibrant: light-hearted (but sharp, and self-aware) online competitions with rival team’s media departments are a great way to generate buzz. If you can, incorporate your team’s players and established online personas. And if you have ticket deals and sales, even close to game time, highlight them in every format: tweets, emails, and more traditional advertising.

Push at every angle.

In short and overall: be everywhere. Content marketing has a long list of applications, and you want your content team to be active before, during, and after the game. Beyond outreach, you also have the ability to take receive feedback. Things learned from the attendance of previous games (Was the parking easy? Do the hot dogs have flavor? Are you serving the beer your fans want?) can all be culled through online interaction, and all can be put in use on a future game. Content marketing thrives on momentum, and when applied properly, you’ll see that same energy roll through you stadium’s gates for every kickoff.

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How to Reach Alumni Through the Power of Content Marketing

Between all the other responsibilities a university or college has to take care of, engaging with alumni can often be put on the back burner. In a study from 2010, eight out of 10 alumni felt that their alma mater did not deserve their donations because they did not feel that their school tried to connect with them, and they already paid enough to the school with their tuition. Yikes! The problem is, with busy alumni all over the world, how can you make them feel connected? The digital world now offers ample opportunity to create engaging content marketing strategies to encourage the allegiance alumni feel toward their alma mater.

Utilize Social Media

Millions use social media daily, and in Facebook’s case, over 1.5 billion do. This means there are great opportunities to get in touch with your thousands of alumni seeking to rebuild old connections and to network. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect, engage, and distribute information amongst your alumni network. Some schools are using it to share job postings that could be of interest to former students and share news about the exciting things their alumni are up to.

Quit Begging for Money

Think about when you receive a postcard or letter from your alma mater. Do you automatically assume they are asking for money? This is the case for thousands of alumni who, most likely, delete or throw away those emails and postcards before even opening them. The best response to this is for your school to generate engaging, personable content instead of constantly asking for money. Some ideas include posting pictures (maybe throw in some #ThrowbackThursday posts) around your campus to send your alumni down memory lane. Ask alumni what advice they would give to current freshman attending the school. Post about reunions and networking opportunities for alumni to attend. Share job openings or career advice to help further their careers. If you stop begging for money and instead do so sparingly, you may find that this will increase the amount of engagement you receive from your alumni community.

Create Relevant Blog Posts

Creating blogs about day-to-day happenings around the school isn’t going to cut it anymore when engaging alumni. Keep blog content relevant to this audience to help them stay engaged and entertained. Create blogs about ways for alumni to gain further experience in their respective fields or highlighting accomplishments of alumni in the community and their different fields. Remember that alumni ages range significantly, so speak to many ages by creating a variety of content that addresses their different lifestyles and interests. By creating relevant content, alumni will come to you in search of information regarding events and donation opportunities. Consider reaching out to alumni who have made big waves in their careers, and ask them to share some insights with current students or younger alumni.

Visuals, Infographics, & Video

Utilizing visual content is just as important as creating informative blog posts. Create and share videos, including sport highlights, alumni spotlights, and school accomplishments for shareable and engaging content. Infographics are great when presenting concise facts around a certain event or fundraiser. Photos of the campus and reunions will bring alumni back to the emotional connection they had with the school.

By engaging your alumni, the likelihood of them feeling emotionally connected will increase exponentially, also leading to increased donations and attendance at fundraising events. Establish a strong content marketing strategy to lead your alumni into remembering why their time at your university or college were some of the best years of their life.

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5 Ways User-Generated Content Works for Hotels

Since mobile has surpassed desktop as the preferred way to surf the web, you can bet that those looking to book a hotel for business or pleasure are doing so on their couch, taking their time deciding on which hotel deserves their consideration. With the popularity of social media, it presents opportunities for hotels to take advantage of everything people are posting. One of the most golden kinds of content is the user-generated kind. According to TripAdvisor’s 2015 TripBarometer report, 88% of those polls said online reviews were “very important” factor in deciding which hotel to stay at. Content marketing agency, The Contentinators™, explains how you can harness the power of user-generated content for your hotel.

Promote Your Social Media Channels: In almost all cases, user-generated content is found on social, so it goes without saying that you want people talking in your social channels so you can take advantage of it. Be sure you promote your social channels on your website through email blasts and any traditional marketing, like business cards and signs on your hotel’s property.

Use Hashtags: Your hotel needs to come up with its own unique hashtag, and add it to all social media posts so that users can add that hashtag to their own posts. A potential hotel guest can them look at all the photos users have posted for an even more in-depth look as to what your hotel offers. This is also a way for you to view all the photos and talk surrounding your hotel, and it also allows your hotel to engage with those users online.

Contests: Having contests online is a wonderful way to build excitement and engagement of your hotel. Have guests post pictures of themselves at your hotel for a free night’s stay, adding in the official rules that any photo submitted to the contest implies their consent for your hotel to use it for marketing purposes. And viola: a stockpile of user-generated content to use.

Reviews: As the stat above mentions, a review of a hotel plays an important role in why a guest may choose one hotel over another, and reviews are definitely another form of user-generated content.

Reviews can be found all over the Internet, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Facebook. Encourage your hotel guests to leave a review, keeping in mind that negative reviews will always happen. With these customer service complaints being made on such a large stage, guests can witness how a hotel management team handles those issues. That is why it’s important for your hotel to be transparent. Take, for instance, the General Manager at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, Jon McGavin, and his response to a negative review:

Mr. McGavin responded quickly to the guest’s complaint, thanking them for their feedback. A potentially negative review can turn into a positive one by showing your hotel is transparent, helping potential guests learn the most about your hotel.

Monitor Social Media Mentions: When your guests mention your hotel on social media and are using hashtags, you can monitor mentions, likes, tweets, and photos through a social listening tool, like Hootsuite. If the official hotel hashtag isn’t used, you can still monitor every mention to capture all user-generated content surrounding your hotel.

People are talking about your hotel online. And if a hotel is not taking full advantage of user-generated content, a huge opportunity is being missed. User-generated content helps hotels to build trust, transparency, and loyalty to your hotel. If you feel your hotel needs help using user-generated content to its full advantage, give our content marketing agency a call at 866-471-4748, or contact us online.

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Guest Education Through Content Marketing is the Key to Filling Hotel Rooms

Filling a hotel is a nightly competition that puts the amenities and customer service your location has to offer to a full test. But the rooms are not filled retroactively, of course, and although many guests can often be counted on to return to a well-maintained property, one of the biggest factors to a full house is getting the fantastic details of your hotel out to the public, and, crucially, getting those details out in a fun and engaging way will reach potential guests. This is where the magic of content marketing can used in hitting nightly room quotas.

A hotel’s biggest enemy can be the mystery of what lays within. Guests want to be secure in what they’ve booked and confident in what they’ll find when they get there. So, the difference between booking Hotel A or Hotel B can often simply boil down to knowledge. In that regard, there’s no more interactive and informative way to pass on understanding of your property than through sophisticated and detailed content marketing.

Here are three quick tips that can enhance every level of guest education:

Be detailed: Good content marketing allows for a high level of detail, especially with physical destinations. And guests are looking for a place that can go beyond the norm in terms of information; there is no limit and no overload when it comes to having factual familiarity with a place you intend to put your family for a night. What brand of pillows are you using? What channels do your televisions get? What shampoo do you have on hand? These may seem like small things, but why not answer them?

Be vivid: Speaking of ability, modern social media means you have the chance to show off a property in a wide spectrum of ways: walk-thru videos, high-resolution pictures, detailed resort layouts; make them all available and make them stand-out. This can extend beyond the hotel itself: consider presenting local landmarks through the specific lens of your location and brand. Crafting an image is vital, but when guests know exactly what they are getting, they are more likely to press book.

Be confident: And while information and detail are crucial, presence, conviction, and allure have equal roles to play. You are a destination that needs to seen; your online image and representation should reflect that. The odds are that these pieces of content are the first time your prospective guest will absorb your brand, so make them count.

A good strategy involves not only having a visible online presence, but having a personality, one that both matches the attitude of your hotel and, in theory, that of your guest. Look for bold placements and clear descriptions, a brand that supports a physical location and empowers it. With solid content marketing on your side, you can set the atmosphere and be assured that your outfacing public image is matching the standards of the interior of your hotel. When these two things come together, full room counts follow.

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How to Tell Your Hotel’s Story Through Content Marketing

Working in the hospitality industry is all about providing your guests with unique experiences that will make them come back for another stay. Your guests are your priority, and your customer service standards need to be high to make them feel special and valued. If you know this and apply it on a daily basis, then why is your content not telling the same story? Or even better, why are you not taking full advantage of content marketing to continue to pamper and fulfill your clients’ needs year round?

In such a competitive and oversaturated industry, such as hospitality, establishing a competitive advantage and showcasing your unique value proposition through content marketing is becoming almost mandatory to any hotel that wants to succeed. A well-planned content marketing strategy has the power to attract and retain your desired target guests. And isn’t that the main objective of the General Manager or the Marketing/Sales department at your hotel? While we tend to think of content marketing as a blog or an eBook, content marketing is more than just that. It could be a newsletter, an infographic, a video, or even a picture. The format you distribute it through will vary depending on your audience and your goals, but, in the end, the ultimate purpose of content marketing is to get into the minds of your customers to become their first choice when choosing their next destination.

Here are some tips you can apply toward your content strategy to help tell your hotel’s story like never before:

  • Become Their Personal Concierge: Providing tips and recommendations to your guests so that they can enjoy their stay is something that you should do on a daily basis, and it’s a principle that applies to content marketing, as well. As a hotel, creating content that will help your guests find the best restaurants, shopping areas, and attractions in the area is a strategy that provides your guests value. By sharing with your current and potential guests these pieces of information, it will create a connection to your guests and a reason to keep them coming back. This factor can be the difference in choosing between your hotel and the one that is right across the street.
  • Give Them More Than Just a Bed to Sleep On: Going beyond guest expectations is something you need to keep in mind every day in the hospitality industry. For example, let’s say that your hotel has a spa on its property. Instead of focusing on just featuring the quality of the products used in treatments, why not start created a content hub about healthy living, beauty care, and healthy eating? If your hotel is pet-friendly, why not take your content to the next level by creating a section that provides tips on traveling with your pets or pet-friendly places nearby that allow you to take your dog? By doing this, your current and potential guests will always keep your hotel on the top of their minds so when they need a place to stay, they won’t hesitate for a minute.
  • Take Your Guests On a Journey: Videos are one of the best ways to tell your story visually. Showcase all the unique elements of your property through a collection of videos or pictures that you can use throughout your social media, newsletters, or that live in your website. By showing your hotel’s high points, from the exterior to the guest rooms, it can make videos a great tool in generating engagement and to take your guests on a journey to experience what it could be like to be at your hotel.

These are just some ways to tell your hotel’s story. Here are the stories of two hotels that are already using the power of content marketing to create unique experiences for their guests:

  • Marriott: Besides being actively engaged on a daily basis with their audience on social media, the popular hotel chain, Marriott, successfully generates content to connect with their guests in the form of newsletters, blogs, videos, and magazines. Their online content hub, Marriott Traveler, provides tips on what to do in each of the cities where they have a hotel. Video creation is another content marketing tool that Marriott implements. Their short film, “Two Bellmen,” was created with the intention of entertaining while also communicating to their audience the high standards in customer service that they employ. With over five million views on Youtube, this video is an excellent sample of how content marketing can help tell your hotel’s story in a unique way.
  • Kimpton’s Hotels: The objective of this website is to connect the dots between the overwhelming number of places where people can find information about their next destination and compile it under one place: their website. After learning about their guest’s psychographic behavior, buying behavior, and lifestyle, they are able to start creating valuable content to nurture and retain their target demographic. In their blogs, you can find content that covers a wide variety of topics, from places to visit nearby their locations to top five tips for a happier travel.  

Your content marketing needs to tell your hotel’s story and your brand’s story. Remember that your content should not be just another sales pitch.

Before we finish, we would like to provide the answer to the million dollar question that any GM would probably wonder at this time: “So, what’s in it for me?” With content marketing, true benefits come over time. A well-done piece of content is just the beginning of a solid relationship with your current and potential guests. Analyzing your content campaigns and your overall  digital marketing strategy is what will determine what’s working and what’s not in terms of revenue. If you are ready to use the power of content to attract your target guests and influence them to book a stay, and retain them as repeat guests, drop us a line today!

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From Our Twitter Feed

Episode 5: A Content, Content?

“Would you like another drink, Mr. Content?”

“That’s Captain Content. And yes, that would be great, thanks.”

“Was it a margarita?”

This would make his third appletini, actually, all of which were served by the same beachside waitress, and so, Captain Content could only think to himself: attention to detail and understanding your customer’s concerns are key factors in the foundation of a good content marketing agency. He breathed in deeply and then exhaled. The Caribbean bay before him stretched out in crystalline perfection; the warm salt-air brushed the fine teeth of the many tall palm trees, and they emitted a soothing rustle. It was indeed some form of paradise.

Just relax, Content. This is a vacation, after all.

“Sure,” he said with a grin, “a margarita sounds fantastic. No salt though.”

“Great. I’ll bring that right out Dr. Content,” and she wandered back to the bar.

Captain Content sighed. Vacations didn’t come easy to him. He was a man that worked, and worked, and worked….a superhero for masses delivering fresh media and destroying bogus spam. And being a superhero never felt like a job to him; it was a calling, one that he didn’t like to leave. But the gang, his Contentinators®, felt he needed some time off. They’d pulled so many all-nighters lately, building up SEO, deleting spam at every corner, throwing Deceptor henchman out windows; it had begun to wear him a bit thin. That spandex was only so good an armor.

So, he took a few days and flew to a small exotic island to soak in some rays and kick back a few drinks. And that’s exactly what he was trying to do. As Engage had asked him to do, he’d shut off all his devices. The Contentinators promised to hold down the fort at the best content marketing agency on the planet, and he knew they could and would.

“Here you go, Doctor Contract.”

The waitress, Brittany (he’d taken the time to learn her name, vacation or not; there was no reason to stop collecting data) handed a margarita down to him. The rim was covered in salt.

“Thanks,” Captain Content said simply. This is a vacation.

She wandered off again, and he put on some Contentinators branded sunglasses. His luggage was red and blue, as was his towel, his wallet, his toothbrush, his car, his vacuum and microwave, the cover of his passport, a laptop he’d brought to the beach (Engage wouldn’t be happy with this move), and any and every shirt, socks, shoes, and pants he owned when he wasn’t decked out in spandex. Branding, Captain Content knew well, was critical, and needed to be done in a consistent manner to be effective. He always aimed to be effective.

As he took a sip of his margarita, lounging out on this long gold beach with a rumble of soft shore break in front of him, he started to doze off. Maybe being off the superhero clock wasn’t so bad after all. But, before he could quite drift off into a dreamy world of zero spam and interface that was only creative, he heard his red Contentinators phone ding.

“I know I turned that thing off,” he said aloud, to no one. The words appeared in a thought bubble above his head, as they always seemed to.

Concerned, he shuffled through his backpack and gazed at the screen of the phone. It was blank. Odd.

He placed the phone back in his bag and reclined once again.

Ding. Bing. Boing.

The sounds came from not his phone, but all around him, up and down the Caribbean beach. Captain Content sat back up and watched as tourists shuffled through their own bags with puzzled looks on their faces.

Then, as if it rolling in with a fast moving thunderstorm, every phone on the beach began ringing in unison. A sickening mix of pop songs and random jingles consumed the sand: it was mobile spam barrage. Everyone was trying to turn their phones off, but the spam texts and mobile advertisements just kept pouring in. Captain Content watched as one man dunked his phone directly in his drink.

Does a content marketing agency ever really take a vacation? Not the best. And not the Contentinators. 68% of American adults have smartphones, which is up 35% from just four years ago. It creates a tremendous marketing opportunity, but also, as Captain Content was seeing before him, a chance for dastardly marketing approaches.

Someone was taking over the world’s cell phones.

His blue cape was back on before he even got to the dunes. Past them, near the beachside bar, he saw Brittany staring wide-eyed at her phone.

“How far is the nearest airport?,” he asked.

“I’m not sure. Everyone’s phone has been taken over by something. It’s all turned to spam. I can’t look anything up.”

It was time to get back to the business of being a superhero; his life was a vacation.

“Then I’ll have to just fly myself. Farewell Brittany.”

And right there, he put an arm in the air and took off from the sand, leaving slacked jaws on the Caribbean island below. Captain Content flew back home: it was time to save the day again.

Deceptor Marketing, The Interview.

Hello, fans of spandex and Appletinis. Or is it just me who realizes how awesome these things are? Either way, I’m sure we can agree on one thing: you need a content marketing agency caring enough to shield you from agencies that want to deceive you into using terrible content strategies. I recently interrupted a recording from our foes at Deceptor Marketing and thought the best way to teach you about their trickery was to show you what it looks like. Listen and learn: this is how you DON’T do social media. Ever.

Dr.Deceptor: We can’t have The Contentinators® ruining Deceptor Marketing with their good advice. We’ll lose all of our clients if they learn that we’re the reason their businesses are failing. The camera’s rolling, SocioSiren, so you have to make our future clients believe everything you say. What’s the worst advice for social media you can think of?

SocioSiren: Engage, in her own interview, claims that you should avoid spam at all costs. I say that’s nonsense. If you already have an audience that is interested in what you have to say, then tell them! Show them your day, your cat, how much you need your morning coffee, and brag about your business. Your social media platform is your own personal canvas. Let your charms shine.

DD: That’s excellent, believable logic. Why wouldn’t your audience want to know all the small details of your life?

SS: It’s the little things that count. A lot of them.

DD: On that note, how do you repel—I mean, how do you attract that devoted following?

SS: Oh, Doctor. I know what you meant. Why would we ever want to repel an audience? To attract the largest, most devoted following you can have, you have to fake it ‘til you make it. If you want to be popular, you have to pretend you have a crazed posse hanging off you at every second. Your audience doesn’t have to be real right away. Buy your followers. If you’re cheap, then make a lot of fake accounts to follow your page. If people see that you’re popular, they’ll want to be part of the cool club and check you out.

DD: Speaking of cool, there’s something all the suave kids on social media are using these days to gain that dedicated following: hashtags. Do you have any advice?

SS: Of course! Hashtags are a vital part of your social media marketing. You have to hashtag everything to extend your reach. It’s common sense: if you’re only using one or two, then you’re not reaching as many people as you would if you’re using, say, twelve. Or, if you’re an overachiever, then you can use thirty. Your audience will understand that you’re trying to reach other like-minded people. And if they don’t like it? They can keep scrolling.

DD: That’s what scroll buttons are made for. If only more people could learn of them--and by more people, I mean the suspicious spandex-clad man standing outside of our window. I can’t read lips, but I think he’s saying, “I’ll get you for this.” It’s tiem for us to run before this guy breaks in and throws us out. I wish we could have had a longer interview, but this should be enough to make everyone believe that Deceptor Marketing is an honest content marketing agency dedicated to delivering the best advice possible.

At that moment, the window breaks and the video ends. Captain Content shakes his head and clenches his fists. He refuses to tolerate Deceptor Marketing’s blatant lies.

Captain Content: There you have it, straight out of Dr. Deceptor’s mouth. Their goal is to take your business and make it less engaging than drying paint. Instead, call The Continentinators® at 866-471-4748, and we will help you build a content marketing strategy that works. Our team is dedicated to making sure you’re speaking to a real audience that is interested in what you have to say.

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Episode 3: Deceptor Strikes Back

The rain came through in torrents and a dark-colored fog obscured every building in the usually buzzing downtown. It was past midnight, although time was of no particular issue to the most premiere of all content marketing agencies, and the home of our heroes, The Contentinators®. But this night, they were worried. Something was off, something amiss in the musty orange lights of the city below.

“He should have checked in by now,” Captain Content muttered quietly, to no one in particular. Engage was sitting with her six cell phones all in arms-reach, laptop in front of her, scanning social media feeds for any clues. Sleuth hadn’t spoken for hours but was busy researching newly-posted pieces of content for hidden messages.

The Curator had left the night before, with Mr. Patches’ poking out of his custom made riding satchel, on a mission to find information, and he hadn’t returned since. No calls, no tweets, no updates, no posts, no voicemails, no e-mails. His digital trace had vanished.

So, they were worried.

“He should have checked in.“

Engage’s fourth cell phone rang (tone: Velvet Revolver’s Superhuman), cutting Captain Content’s anxious musing short. A call at this hour was no surprise, a good content marketing agency makes itself available at all hours, but they held their breath as she answered, hoping for some word.

“The Contentinators,” she answered firmly and clearly; her outreach impeccable in any medium. 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. She listened for a moment, her eyes betraying nothing, then she set the phone down and put it on speaker.

“The Contentinators, in our grip at last,” the voice yelled, followed by a wild cackle. Sleuth typed as he listened. “We’ve captured your comrade, the Curator; he fell into a bit of a trap. Information overload, it seems. Devious, indeed, I must say, even by Deceptor Marketing standards. We will release him, but only if you supply us with online content capable of eliciting a response rate higher than we’ve been able to reach. The Curator would tell us nothing of your methods.”

“Of course, he wouldn’t,” Captain Content gritted through his teeth. “Our content is exclusive.”

“Exclusive or not, Captain Content, you have six hours, or we’ll lower the Curator to his doom in a vat of our acidic mail-order advertisements.”  

The laughter coming through the speaker rose, and the line went dead. Captain Content slammed his fist into a desk. The audacity, the outright cruelty, of these Deceptor Marketing monsters. If only they could focus their power of deception for good…..

He regrouped: “Hear anything in the voice, Engage?”

“He’s safe, for now,” she said calmly, “but I sense anxiety. The Curator is tough to hold for long.”

“Sleuth? Pick up any background information.”

“Water lapping against softwood, maybe 18-yards from the location of the cell call. Sounded like pressure treated cedar to me. And I heard the distant call of a Pandion haliaetus below flight-level.”

“An osprey?"


They all looked up and made eye contact at once: this content marketing agency works on a creative wavelength they can all ride together.

“The docks!” The Contentinators said in one voice.

They rushed downstairs to the ContentinatorWing, chrome plated, and fit with jet engines of pure above-military grade. Interstellar capabilities were added as an extreme luxury. 

“Do you know how we can afford these toys?” Captain Content grinned as he got into the cockpit. They all knew the answer but he said it aloud anyway: “Content marketing produces triple as many leads as traditional outbound marketing.”

“And costs 62% less to create,” Engage added, with a smirk.

“Let’s go get our hero back,” The Captain said. He fired up the engine and blasted into the night, cutting through the rain and smog like a tightly sharpened jigsaw blade, the Contentinators at their individual stations. The destination was obvious, and the minions of Deceptor Marketing were the target soon to be precisely engaged.

Next Month, our heroes return! Episode 4: Content Showdown, Dockside