You’ve produced a mind-blowingly epic tech product, and you need to attract the leads who would get the most use out of it. Tech content marketing has been popular within the industry, for good reason: your customers don’t just want it, they expect it more than a kid expects chocolate cake on their birthday. They’re demanding that you put out content that proves that you’re a trustworthy company with the perfect product for them. However, when everyone in the TECH industry is throwing out content, your unique voice can get lost. The Contentinators understand how educational, understandable tech content can generate leads, and we’re here to create content for your B2B Tech business that makes you stand out from the rest.



The tech industry agrees: content is important. The grand majority of tech companies have hopped on the content marketing bandwagon, although they have struggled to find their footing. Very few have figured out what makes content successful. To make matters worse, it’s difficult for tech content to stand out when everyone’s producing it. However, a carefully constructed tech content marketing strategy that addresses the questions your leads are asking can be the factor that puts you ahead of the competition.

There are a number of concerns unique to tech content marketing, contributing to the difficulty in creating an effective strategy. Your content needs to be diverse enough to speak about a wide variety of topics during a long, complicated buying cycle. You’re also speaking a language that’s more difficult than a foreign language for much of your audience. If you speak tech to them for five minutes, their eyes will glaze over and they’ll go find someone else who can compress your complicated tech language into something digestible. Don’t be discouragedit may be difficult, but it’s not impossible to create tech content that pulls in new leads.

Tech organizations that say their content strategy is effective

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Tech content is popular. Really, really popular. Your potential leads are tasked with finding the perfect tech product for them or their company, and they’re not about to throw down money for a product unless they’re convinced it’s the best option. They will comb through the internet and do extensive research about products before they contact a company. If your content is giving them the information they’re searching for, that can be the contributing factor that turns them into a new lead.

Great tech content will pull in those leads, but how do you get your voice to stand out over everyone else’s? The answer: speak directly to your audience. Although the tech industry is overwhelming concerned about content, their strategy has been focused on product selling. Your leads don’t want to talk to a salesman. They want to be educated about your product and what it does.

To move from a product-based content strategy to a consumer-based one, it’s critical to understand your audience and what they want from your content. What questions are they asking about your product? How will that product best suit their needs? When you give educational content that answers their questions, your voice will start standing out above a sea of product-selling tech content.

What readers of tech content want to see

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Customers who visit vendor's website or contact vendor after reading content

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Percentage of IT decision-makers who rely on content when evaluating products

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You can make the best product in history, yet no one will know about it unless you tell them. A great tech product benefits from equally great tech content marketing that details how your product works and why it’s the best thing since sliced bread for your leads. If you’re not telling your potential customers what they need to know, then what motivation are they going to have for checking out what you offer? Most of them are relying on content to make vital decisions, so be the person who educates them to make the best choice.




Your potential leads are already expecting you to put out tech content that is educational and helpful instead of content that clearly exists to make a sale. No one likes a salesman, but everyone can appreciate knowledge. We’re here to help you share the information that they want to hear. Fill out that form below. The Contentinators Content Marketing Agency will swoop in to help you create excellent, understandable tech content that speaks directly to your audience and pulls in those leads.

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Oh, how easy tech content would be if everyone spoke tech language. You wouldn’t have to take the time to decode your tech speak into English. Luckily, our superpower is creating and promoting content that your audience can understand. Scroll back up and fill out that form. You won’t regret it.